About Our Dental Practice in Birmingham, MI

Best Dentist Birmingham

Saad Oral Health & Beauty focuses on helping patients achieve oral health and beauty. Our story revolves around what’s most important: you. We’re passionate artists and combine science and aesthetics to give patients “wow” worthy smiles. Great dentistry is in the details and we strive to exceed patients’ expectations. We believe that building strong patient-doctor relationships is the key for successful results and happy patients. You are our top priority!

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What Sets Us Apart

At Saad Oral Health & Beauty, we don’t want your dental experience to be average, we want your experience to be exceptional. Our practice philosophy is that success is in the details. From the office’s atmosphere to our precise treatment planning to our perfectionist attitude, our mission is for each and every step of your dental journey to be smooth and accommodating!

Giving Back

We aim to empower lives through dentistry. We’re passionate about immersing ourselves within our beloved community and creating strong links with schools, local organizations and charities, and businesses.

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Convenient Appointment Reminders

Best Dentist Birmingham

Keeping up with appointments, extracurriculars, and other obligations isn’t always the easiest. Don’t stress about forgetting your dental appointments—we’ve got your back! We make sure to send out appointment reminders so that you have one less thing to remember on your to-do list. Depending on your preferences, we’ll send an email or text, or call you on the phone. We aim to do everything we can to make getting the dental care you need as simple as possible.