Safety Precautions at Saad Oral Health & Beauty

Your Saad Oral Health & Beauty providers are committed to meeting your dental needs in a safe environment with strict observation of CDC and ADA guidelines.  We care about you and our staff!

Female patient getting her temperature taken by a female staff member

A Safe Setting for Dental Care

Our Birmingham dental care providers are committed to serving your dental needs in a safe, sanitary environment with strict observation of CDC and ADA guidelines. We care about the whole-body health of you and our staff! Explore below to learn what to expect at your next visit to our Birmingham, MI dental practice.

Ensuring Safety at Your Appointment

Upon arrival at the office:

  • Call the front desk to check in.
  • Verbally answer questions for our Covid 19 Health Screening.
  • Give your credit card information to digitally check out.
  • Wait for a call back from the front desk when it’s your turn to enter the office.

Entering our office:

  • For your red-carpet experience, our staff will meet you at the door and take your temperature.
  • Please wear your mask. A scarf or other homemade mask is acceptable.
  • We’ll have hand sanitizer to use when you enter.
  • You’ll go to your treatment room, with no need to stop at the lobby.
  • For everyone’s protection, our staff will also be wearing full protective equipment.

Your treatment:

  • Your treatment room and all common areas are disinfected between every patient.
  • We’ll allow extra time for every patient to ensure proper adherence to safety protocols.

Leaving the office:

  • Our staff will check you out in the treatment room.
  • We’ll schedule your next appointment in the treatment room.
  • We’ll escort you back to the front door, where you may again use hand sanitizer if you wish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Enjoy Your Visit at Saad Oral Health & Beauty

The safety of every patient and staff member at our practice is a shared responsibility. Help us minimize risk and ensure an experience that keeps whole-body health a priority. We can’t wait to serve you and your loved ones with world-class dental care in a safe, welcoming environment! Call 248-646-3515 today or use our convenient online contact form to schedule your next appointment.